Vladimir Bratov

About me

Born year 1978 in the wonderful city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Graduated (year 2000) and got my PhD (year 2004) from the oldest university in Russia – St. Petersburg State University. Now I am based in my home city, working at the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg State University and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. During my life, I was lucky to have the possibility to live in other places and countries. I spent a whole year at the fantastic city of Antoni Gaudi – Barcelona, Catalunya. Almost 10 years of my life I was living in the northern country of SAAB, surströmming (fermented herring) and ABSOLUT vodka – Sweden. Not so long ago for two semesters I was working and living at the hospitable island of Cyprus. I love all of these places and feel happy every time I can return thereto.

I love my work for the freedom it gives me (in any possible sense), I love my family for the support and love they give me every day, I love to visit other places and countries – my work gives me a fantastic possibility to travel almost as much as I wish and where I wish. I got my first SAAB (SAAB 900 ’91) year 2003. Since then I owned more than 10 different SAABs. Now I drive SAAB 9-5 ‘2008 and I don’t really know what will I do when it will be time for me to change that. I love snowboarding and am used to go to mountains at least 2-3 times every winter.